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Description of the airboat “North 750”

The airboat “North 750” represents a class of luxury boats, it is of the same model line with the airship “North 650” and also is not inferior in popularity to customers, but thanks to the increased dimensions and installation of a more powerful engine with it, it has the capabilities of greater passenger capacity and carrying capacity. It is able to carry at least 2 tons of payload onboard and comfortably accommodate from 8 to 10 people, since the passenger compartment is 40 cm longer than the North 650 model, and the luggage compartment is 40 cm wider.

A spacious and comfortable model of the “North 750” has already been evaluated by the state services of the Ministry of Emergency Measures and Nature Reserves, since this aircraft has unlimited possibilities for equipping the hull with all necessary auxiliary equipment, which, in all weather conditions, in winter or summer, and in the off-season, transport a large number of people in the most inaccessible terrain. Rescue operations, prospecting and reconnaissance work, people’s throwing, supervisory activities – all this can be done with comfort on the Sever airplanes. At the same time, it is safe, safe and secure to feel yourself in a warm, equipped with all necessary cabins. We are ready to install portable and stationary radios, auxiliary optics, generators and much more, taking into account the specific nature of the activities of an organization.

A large amicable company, led by the captain, will also appreciate the airboat model “North 750” for its presentability, passenger capacity and comfort, sitting on soft seats and surveying the vast spaces in the large panoramic windows of the cabin.

Unlike the Phantom model, which is positioned still more as a cargo vehicle, thanks to a front open platform capable of carrying a bulky cargo, the Sever airboats are a passenger version, since most of the hull of this model is occupied by a passenger compartment – the cockpit, and in it everything is provided for comfortable accommodation.

Inside the cabin there are two rows of seats: soft seats for the driver and the passenger – in the front row, a spacious passage and a capacious soft solid seat in the second row. If desired, the second row of the passenger compartment can be equipped with additional side soft seats and thus create the possibility of placing 8 more people. The capacious lockers under them will solve the issue of transporting small-sized personal belongings. In the fully laid out form, soft seats will create a full sleeper for 3-4 people.

In the bow of the North 750 airboat there is a large covered luggage compartment with roller shutters, or an open area with side covered lockers, depending on the choice of the consumer. The deck of the cockpit and the luggage compartment have a non-slip covering, which makes the boat’s movement safe and reliable.

When creating airboats, the manufacturer tries to take into account the wishes of many of our customers and combine: speed and safety, ease and carrying capacity, functionality and comfort.
Having decided on the choice of the model of airborne, you can consider various options for improving it and expanding its capabilities. To your attention we are ready to offer such additional options as: fuel tank increase, electric winch installation, high-quality optics, interior lighting, additional battery, stand-alone interior heater, navigation equipment and much more.

The purposes of exploitation of the aircraft can be very diverse, that is why we practice an individual approach to each customer and are ready to improve and modernize the equipment according to your desire. With non-standard bundles, individual projects, the introduction of new technologies in our airborne, you can learn more in the section of “modernization.”


The design of the boat is a combination of an all-welded aluminum hull, and an inflatable body located under it, which in turn is a kind of shock absorber for softening impacts when moving on obstacles protruding from the water or ice hummocks. It is the inflatable body that takes over all the destructive bottom impact loads, absorbs the impact and, after passing through the obstacle, restores its original shape.

The inflatable boat hull is made of high-strength synthetic fabric with a double-sided polymer coating of PVC with the addition of thermoplastic polyurethane. Applied fabric is environmentally safe, wear-resistant, has high climatic and strength characteristics.

The bottom of the boat is protected by polymer scales, which adequately withstand both temperature changes and mechanical impacts. Scales are polymeric plates, each of which is attached with a cord to the bottom of the boat overlapping each other, in general forming a multi-stage protection of inflatable cylinders. When moving along boulders protruding from the water or ice, each plate is elastically deformed and bends, damping and evenly distributing the load throughout the bottom of the boat. Each scales, in addition to the protective function, performs the role of a transverse version and ensures high speed performance for the airboat.

A bulwark with a loose bar along the entire perimeter is a side protection of the boat. The water on board flows into the scuppers – special barred holes in the aluminum casing. Cylinder pumping valves are located in easily accessible places throughout the boat’s hull.

Windproof console, dividing the body into the passenger and luggage compartments, is an aluminum structure with two frontal, two side windows “Triplex”, with a door in the middle.
In models of the “Sever” airboat passenger compartment – the cockpit – occupies a larger area than the luggage compartment.

The standard equipment of the boat includes: two soft chairs to the left and right of the cabin entrance solid soft seat behind the seats, an all-welded fuel tank with a capacity of 200 liters under the solid seat, a glove compartment in front of the passenger seat, a dashboard with a steering column, a front luggage compartment.

In the rear part of the aircraft there is a propeller-driven unit, which is a single assembly unit consisting of an aluminum all-welded fence for the screw and a longitudinal-transverse motor tar, on which an engine is fixed using shock-absorbing silent blocks. The engine is equipped with a reduction gearbox, on the flange of which the air screw is fixed. Two vertical keel (steering) controls are located behind the screw. Batteries are installed in front of the fence in special plastic boxes.

Engine and gearbox

On the airplane “North 750” you can install one of three engine models to choose from: Toyota 1UZ-FE vvt-I – 290 hp, Toyota 3UZ-FE – 300 hp or Toyota 3UR-FE – 388 hp
Toyota 1UZ-FE VVT-i engine : a 32-valve V-shaped 8-cylinder with a volume of 4000 cm³, with an aluminum block of cylinders with an angle of 90 раз, with pressed cast iron sleeves, two aluminum GS, with a DOHC gas distribution system, shafts and the VVT-i system, a two-stage ACIS intake manifold and an electronic ignition system, with separate coils per cylinder. Cooling system – liquid, forced. The timing gear and pumps are a toothed belt. Power 290 hp
The Toyota 3UZ-FE engine , in fact, continues the development of the Toyota 1UZ-FE engine. The 32-valve V-shaped 8-cylinder, with an enlarged up to 4 300 cm³ capacity, also with an aluminum block of cylinders with an angle of 90 раз, with pressed cast-iron sleeves, two modified aluminum SS, two camshafts for each and 4 valves per cylinder . Cooling system – liquid, forced. The timing gear and pumps are a toothed belt. VVT-i gas distribution system, two-stage intake manifold with adjustable length ACIS, electronic throttle and electronic ignition system, with separate coils per cylinder; capacity of 300 hp
The Toyota 3UR-FE engine is a 32-valve V-shaped 8-cylinder with a volume of 5700 cm³, with an aluminum cylinder block, with pressed cast iron sleeves, with two aluminum GS, with a DOHC gas distribution system with Dual VVT-i. Cooling system – liquid, forced. The timing gear and pumps are a toothed belt. Electronic throttle and electronic ignition system, with separate coils per cylinder. Power – 360/388 hp


Drive from the engine to the propeller is carried out through the lowering, single-stage, cylindrical, helical gear reducer. The gear housing is made of high-strength aluminum alloys. The gears undergo chemical-thermal treatment and rolling, have high wear resistance and strength. The connection to the motor shaft is via an elastic coupling that is integral with the flywheel.


  1. Inflatable hull of a boat made of high-strength PVC fabric (cylinders and bulwarks)
  2. All-welded aluminum powerplant body with attachments for inflatable boat hull
  3. The engine on the longitudinal-transverse frame
  4. All-welded aluminum propeller protection (fencing)
  5. Air screw 3 or 6-blade
  6. Vertical control keels
  7. Underbody protection kit made of polymer material
  8. Metal control panel with steering column and steering wheel
  9. On the control panel: the ignition switch, the throttle control handle (gas), the emergency shutdown button with the check, the engine and onboard power control switches (the heater switch, the headlights, the navigation lights, the wipers on), the cigarette lighter, engine: a complex instrument with a meter of engine hours and a tachometer, an engine temperature indicator, LED oil pressure warning lamps in the engine, engine overheating and battery charging, level indicator fuel in the tank
  10. Two soft marine seats (driver and passenger), located to the left and right of the door
  11. Glove compartment in front of the passenger seat
  12. Soft, solid seat with a backrest for passengers, designed for 3-4 people
  13. Aluminum all-welded fuel tank for 200 liters.
  14. Front, side and door glass “Triplex”
  15. Driver’s Glass Screen Wiper
  16. Covered front luggage compartment and cockpit floor with non-slip polymer coating
  17. Protective luggage compartment louver
  18. Soft cockpit trim
  19. Battery
  20. Running lights
  21. Paddle stroke


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