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The “Crossover” is armed to the teeth with various accessories for extra comfort. The Sever 650K model was created for operation in the winter and in the off-season and also in the summer months.

The “triplex ” tinted, sliding windows, internal diffusing lightning, furnished with the high-quality carpet, folding soft seats creating a solid large sleeping place and finally, a multimedia center screen with built-in speakers fixed under the ceiling.  The liquid heaters under the center console warms up the cabin in a few minutes.  The autonomous heater warms up on the parking lot place in any frost.  All this creates an atmosphere of coziness and comfort in the fresh air.  

In the bow of the “North 650K” there is a large open deck with two closed lockers along the sides. Cabin and luggage compartment decks have a non-slip coating.  There are many other additional options that enhance the functionality of the boat: high-end exterior optics, electric winch, lockable luggage compartment lockers. etc.

A lot in this model and additional options that enhance the functionality of the boat: high-end exterior optics, electric winch, lockable luggage compartment lockers, etc. And how interesting and high-quality is the luggage compartment of the boat itself trimmed ?! Agree, meet on the clothes, and see off on the mind – this is our option: first captivates the appearance of our airboat


The design of the boat is a combination of an all-welded aluminum hull, and an inflatable body located at the base. This acts as a shock absorber for softening impacts when moving on obstacles protruding from the water or ice. It is the inflatable body that takes over all the destructive bottom impact loads, absorbs the impact and, after passing through the obstacle, restores its original shape.

The inflatable boat hull is made of high-strength synthetic fabric with a double-sided polymer coating of PVC with the addition of thermoplastic polyurethane. Applied fabric is environmentally safe, wear-resistant, has high climatic and strength characteristics.

The bottom of the boat is protected by polymer scales, which adequately withstand both temperature changes and mechanical impacts. Scales are polymeric plates, each of which is attached with a cord to the bottom of the boat overlapping each other, in general forming a multi-stage protection of inflatable cylinders. When moving along boulders protruding from the water or ice mounds, each plate is elastically deformed and bends,  evenly distributing the load throughout the bottom of the boat. Each scales, in addition to the protective function, performs the role of a transverse version and ensures high speed performance for the airboat.

A bulwark with a loose bar along the entire perimeter is a side protection of the boat. The water that comes on board flows into special barred holes in the aluminum casing. Cylinder pumping valves are located in easy accessible places throughout the boat’s hull.

Rigid welded cabin, is an aluminum construction with two frontal, four side and two rear windows, with a door in the middle in front of the cabin. All “Triplex” glasses are tinted with thermal film. The side windows are sliding.

Interior trim as standard – carpet, but any options are possible: leather, wood, etc.

The standard equipment of the boat includes: two soft chairs to the left and right of the entrance to the cabin, a solid soft seat behind the seats, side lockers with soft seat covers, structurally designed to transform into a comfortable large sleeping place, all-welded fuel tank with a capacity of 280 liters under a solid seat, a glove compartment in front of a passenger seat, a dashboard with a steering column, Pro Light headlights, two batteries, a sunroof, an electric winch, a saloon lighting with yacht LED lights. In the cockpit, under the central console, the “Zenit” heaters and the “Eberspacher Airtronic” heater are built in the side lock of the passenger compartment.

In the rear part of the airboat there is a propeller-driven unit, which is a single assembly unit consisting of an aluminum all-welded fence for the screw and a longitudinal-transverse motor tar, on which an engine is fixed using shock-absorbing silent blocks. The engine is equipped with a reduction gearbox, on the flange of which the air screw is fixed. Two vertical keel (steering) controls are located behind the screw. Batteries are installed in front of the fence in special plastic boxes.


The “North 650K” airboat is equipped with a Chevrolet LS-3 Engine:

Power: 430 HP

Volume: 6200 cm3

Maximum Speed: Up to 120/150 km/h 

Fuel Consumption: 25-50 l/h


Drive from the engine to the propeller is carried out through the lowering, single-stage, cylindrical, helical gear reducer. The gear housing is made of high-strength aluminum alloys. The gears undergo chemical-thermal treatment and rolling, have high wear resistance and strength. The connection to the motor shaft is via an elastic coupling that is integral with the flywheel.


1. Inflatable hull of a boat made of high-strength PVC fabric (cylinders and bulwarks)

2.The welded aluminum body of the power plant with a fixed rigid cabin and attachments under the inflatable hull of the boat

3.Transfer motor

4.Weld-welded aluminum protection of the propeller (fence)

5. An air screw of 3 or 6 lobed

6.Vertical control keels

7. Set of protection of the bottom of a polymer material

8. Control panel with steering column and steering wheel

9. On the control panel: the ignition switch, the throttle control handle (gas), the emergency shutdown button with the check, the tumblers of the engine and on-board system control (the switch for switching the heater, the headlights, the navigation lights, the wipers on), the cigarette lighter control of engine systems: a complex instrument with an hour meter and a tachometer, an engine temperature indicator, an engine oil pressure warning lamp, an engine overheating and battery charging, a level indicator Fuel tank, two buttons breakers “weight” engine-indicator LED.

10. Two soft marine seats (driver and passenger), located to the left and right of the door

11.Shield in front of the passenger seat

12. Soft solid seat with a backrest for passengers, designed for 3-4 people

13.Bokovye chests with soft seats, decomposing into sleeping places

14.Aluminievy all-welded fuel tank for 280 liters.

15. Front, side (sliding) and door tinted glass “Triplex”

16. Window wipers for driver and passenger windshields

17. Open front deck and cockpit floor with non-slip polymer coating

18.Perned closed lockers of the nasal compartment

19. Soft furnish of cabins – carpet

20. Accumulator batteries (2pcs)

21.Hockey lights

22. Liquid heaters “Zenit” (2pcs)

23.Autonomous heater Eberspacher Airtronic

24. Pro lights (2 pcs)

25.Internal interior lighting (yacht LED lights) (4pcs)

26. A transparent hatch

27.Mirrors of rear view

28.Vneslo-strokes or poles


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